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Play Fun . . . Live Happy!

Our Story . . .  Our story is about family, friends and fun! And a constant spark to create. Much the same as any inventive, entrepreneurial journey; first there was an idea. Then sketches and models were made. Testing and play testing followed. And unlike the majority of our ideas, this one worked! We applied for a patent and trademark, and introduced the "Bandit Ball" to our community in Peoria, Illinois through the local 1 Million Cups chapter in 2017.

Development continued. We found a local manufacturer, made plans for a first order, and did our best to spread the word of our fun, new toy. Through all of this, we reached out continuously to community sources and mentors. The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bradley University was of great help, along with StartUp GP (Greater Peoria) and other organizations. Business contacts became friends and our circle widened. Who doesn't like a toy ball, after all!

Our grassroots startup, The Bandit Ball Project, was founded. We made it an LLC and were off to the races! We officially launched in 2019, getting orders online and gaining traction in retail stores. Covid did slow things down in 2020, but our mission did not change.

Our Mission . . . has always been to create joy through play. The game of catch is an age old interaction between people. It's fun and it's physical. It brings joy and connection in a unique, one-on-one way. We focused on these points while marketing the Bandit Ball, and it worked.

Our Outreach . . . We also began giving Bandit Balls to organizations which help kids.  The Beau Grant Foundation and Northwoods Community Church are local examples.  And we were blessed to donate nationally to Operation Christmas Child of Samaritan's Purse.  

Our Goal . . . Our goal, of course, was to get the Bandit Ball into the hands of as many people as possible. To inspire people to "band together." To look each other in the eyes, have fun, and get some excersize.  Playing ball at a pool, a park or just about anywhere is a great way to get this done!

Our Current Status . . . We have sold or donated all of our Bandit Balls. We're out of stock. I always said to "Get Your First Edition," and so many have! So where does this ball go next?

Contact Us: Please reach out anytime if you would like more information. Email Founder John Hinnen ... 

And watch our fun video, which says it all, below!

"Callum's new favorite toy!"

Brianna H. ... 2-year-old Callum's Mom

"My four kids - 7 months to 7 years - all love to play with the Bandit Ball!  Outside with neighbors, at the park and in the pool ... we are loving it!

Kailee A. ... Plano, TX

"The boys are ready for some serious summer fun thanks to The Bandit Ball Project!"

Steve F... Grandpa and Cool Dude... San Clemente, CA

"The Bandit Balls were the hits we thought they would be! :)"

Joe and Char ... Peoria, IL

"The kids love the Bandit Balls. Thanks for coming and bringing smiles to the campers!"

Jessie from the Beau Grant Foundation