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Our Story . . . Our Mission . . . Our Goal

Our Story . . .  My name is John Hinnen. I'm an inventor from Peoria, Illinois and founder of The Bandit Ball Project.  We've come up with an idea we hope will "Play in Peoria" and everywhere else!  Click on our blog posts below to learn about the curious story of this game changing toy ball!

We've had much help from the local community in developing the Bandit Ball.  Grass roots is truly a description of how this project has come about.  Thanks go out to Midwest Molding Solutions for manufacturing, the Integris Group for 3-D drawings and the Illinois Small Business Development Center for ongoing advice.  Thanks also to Hoophouse Creative for our super fun video and Jacob Reinholdt for website design.

Look for us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter . . . @thebanditball.  We'll be posting often.  And check out "The Bandit Ball Channel" on YouTube.  This venue will be expanding with fun videos and interactive features as time goes on.

Our Mission . . .  We created the Bandit Ball to be a bucket filler.  To add value to a person's day.  That's our mission.  Human interaction.  A game of catch.  Bandit Ball promotes these age-old concepts in a cool new way!  The thought that this happy little toy can give kids of all ages a new avenue for physical fun is a big reason the project exists.  The opportunity to give back is another.

Our plan down the road is to provide Bandit Balls to organizations which help kids.  We'll also begin donating a percentage of profits to charity when we are profitable.  We're hoping you'll help us get to that point!

Our Goal . . .  Wow! It's to have fun! No matter what!  We gotta get outside and play! Put down the phones and pick up the toys. Look each other in the eyes and toss something back and forth.  We don't care if it's not a Bandit Ball, but it oughtta be!  Just think... 3 for 1!  Anyway you throw it, you're gonna have fun!



"Callum's new favorite toy!"

Brianna H. ... Callum's Mom ... Easter 2019

"My four kids - 7 months to 7 years - all love to play with the Bandit Ball!  Outside with neighbors, at the park and in the pool ... we are loving it!

Kailee A. ... Dallas, TX

"The boys are ready for some serious summer fun thanks to The Bandit Ball Project!"

Steve F... Grandpa and Cool Dude... San Clemente, CA

"My nephews loved these."

Jake the Mailman

"The kids love the Bandit Balls. Thanks for coming and bringing smiles to the campers!"

Jessie from the Beau Grant Foundation