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Play Fun . . . Live Happy!

Our Story . . .  It's about family, friends and fun!  Our toy ball is bringing happiness to people and we love it!  Grassroots is is a good description of this start up. It's about community and building on a dream.

Our Mission ... Our mission is to create joy through play. The game of catch is an age old interaction between people. It's fun and it's physical. The thought that this little toy can give kids of all ages a new avenue for physical fun is a big reason the project exists.  The opportunity to give back is another.

Our Outreach . . . We have begun giving Bandit Balls to organizations which help kids.  The Beau Grant Foundation and Northwoods Community Church are local examples.  And we have been blessed to donate nationally to Operation Christmas Child of Samaritan's Purse.  

Our Goal . . . Our goal is to inspire people to band together and play! Look each other in the eyes and get some excersize.  Playing ball at a pool, a park or just about anywhere is a great way to get this done!

Contact Us: Email Founder John Hinnen ... 

"Callum's new favorite toy!"

Brianna H. ... 2-year-old Callum's Mom

"My four kids - 7 months to 7 years - all love to play with the Bandit Ball!  Outside with neighbors, at the park and in the pool ... we are loving it!

Kailee A. ... Plano, TX

"The boys are ready for some serious summer fun thanks to The Bandit Ball Project!"

Steve F... Grandpa and Cool Dude... San Clemente, CA

"The Bandit Balls were the hits we thought they would be! :)"

Joe and Char ... Peoria, IL

"The kids love the Bandit Balls. Thanks for coming and bringing smiles to the campers!"

Jessie from the Beau Grant Foundation