Post #19: Heading into '22!

Happy New Year from the Bandit Ball Project!  Actually, we're 22 days into 2022.  It almost seems like January should be its own year ... but we'll count our blessings!

We haven't posted in quite awhile, but it's not for lack of thinking about what to write.  There is much news about the Bandit Ball and we are excited to share!

Our mission remains the same ... Creating Joy Through Play!


OUTREACH...  We chose our patented Bandit Ball as a product to market way back in 2017 because it is not only a great toy, but a great tool for outreach.

In 2021, we continued our in-kind donations to Operation Christmas Child of Samaritan's Purse. It's so great to think that Bandit Balls are all over the world now, and in the hands of kids who might otherwise not have a had a gift for Christmas. Here is the package we sent, with a branded wristband around the ball and an informational card inside.


We also donated balls again in the summer to the S.O.S. Kids Day Camp of the Beau Grant Foundation in Peoria. This is a one week getaway for kids who are survivors of suicide in their family or circle of friends. It's a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. The camp didn't happen in 2020 due to Covid, but was back with success in '21!




As a sweet bonus, were able to give Bandit Balls to the Upper Room Power Kids school in Dallas, TX during the Christmas season.  Our grand kids attend the school, and it's good to have a Papa who makes toys!


Establishing accounts with retailers has become a top priority for us. Relationships are key in marketing, and we love having products for sale in brick and mortar wonderlands! We are fortunate to have the Bandit Balls and our other current product, Holiday Circle Playing Cards, in several retailers around the US..

Here are a just few:

TOYS UNIQUE! DALLAS  5460 W Lovers Lane #236,  Dallas, TX 75209

SCHEELS SPRINGFIELD  3801 S MacArthur Blvd, Springfield, IL 62711

SNICKELFRITZ TOYS  700 N Milwaukee Ave Ste.24, Vernon Hills, IL 60061

THE MILK MOUSTACHE  944 N Main St, Princeton, IL 61356

My wife, Nancy, and I hit the road a few times each year, and have grown fond of cold calling on merchants during our travels.

We walk in, and if it's right, she gives serious shout outs to the store's environment.  It's great if the owner or buyer is present, as I then introduce our stuff and try to make a sale.

A time or two, Nancy has done a Lucy Ricardo thing and knocked over a display or dishevled a shelf. But that doesn't seem to matter, as she lights up a room!

FAIRE ... The "One Stop Shop For Wholesale"

Late last fall, my company SUNDAWG DESIGN was accepted as a vendor on Faire.  Faire has over 40,000 independent brands.  Retailers around the country can look on the site for merchandise for their stores.

We received several orders through Faire and expanded the Bandit Ball's retail opportunities to Michigan, Louisiana, Minnesota and New York.

Here is the Sundawg website:

And here are a few pictures from 2021:



SO WHAT'S UP for 2022? 

We hope to bring out new Sundawg products this year. We've got alot of 'em! And that's not a clue to the above photo, although dogs do love the Bandit Ball!

Here's a little video from almost four years ago. It's great to have family when you're a grandpa inventor.  And to all of you idea people out there of any age, I'd say three things...

Believe in yourself. Never give up. And watch where you're going!






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