Post #9: Sneak Peak

Update:  Spring is in the air!  The days are longer.  The weather's getting warmer.  Birds are flying north and crocus are breaking through the ground.  We are all itching to get outside and the Bandit Ball can't be far behind.  We have been working on perfecting our new little toy with all of our partners, whose help has been instrumental in our progress thus far.   There are some very nice people involved in these companies and organizations!

Sneak Peak:  Connor Parkhurst has talent.  He was the outstanding graduate of Bradley University's film department in 2016 and has done well known work in short films around the Peoria area.  An award winning videographer, Connor is the founder of Hoop House Creative.  He does wedding videos around the Midwest and his story telling has become legendary.  This gift, coupled with very adept piloting of his drone, has expanded his growing business! 

Connor filmed our promotional video way back in July, 2017.  We are very much looking forward to showing Connor's work and what the Bandit Ball can do!   So... while you have to wait a little longer to see the finished product... here are some photos and video clips from that very fun day.

Very first photos ... we still had to put it all together!

So, yes ... a two year old can play with the round ball.  It is lightweight and very tactile.  Toss it, roll it ... play!


But when a bigger kid steps in ... let alone a drone!  This is the field in Chartwell Park where we filmed the Bandit Ball Video.  It's about 100 yards from our house so we know it well.   Here is a rough clip I shot with my camera that caught a bit of the action:


 And here are some photos from the day:

 Tossing the football...

Setting up a shot...

Nate throwing to the group...    

Dads joining in...                Little guys with I.C.C. baseball player Ben Hopkins.

And we even had some fun after the filming!


John Hinnen

Thanks! And just to point out … these video clips are from what I shot with my little camera. Connor’s final product is way beyond and awesome. Stay tuned!

Your older younger sister

YOU are amazing, and so is the Banditball! Great job by everyone involved in… promoting and playing, tossing, throwing, catching and kicking, rolling and filming. Can’t wait! 😃

Aunt Tina

Love love love this video! Kudos to you and all your hard work creating and planning for banditball release. And to our talented Connor! Can’t wait! Love ya…

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