Post #12: A Trip to the Beach!

Update:  Waiting and more waiting!  As of this writing we have yet to see "proof of product", that Aha moment when you actually lay eyes and hands on your idea in reality.  It's July 10th and that day still might be a ways off.   Stay tuned!

So... while the manufacturer was trying new ways to get the two halves of the Bandit Ball to weld together, we went and had some fun!


It's nice to live as close to the Great Lakes as Peoria, and to get to someplace this cool in a 4 hour drive. On June 27th, our "Cray Cray Beach Vacay" began as we loaded up our good old Ford Freestyle with 6 passengers and headed out of town.  Got as far as East Peoria and the SUV broke down.  Serpentine belt in shreds, vacation on hold... but NO!  We miraculously limped back to my daughter Kailee's house, shoved everything into her van and were off!  

We arrived In St. Joseph later than planned but still had two full days of beach time ahead of us.  I, of course, wanted to get some Bandit Ball photos.  My family just wanted to have fun.  We managed both.

  Johnny Throwing To All Those People!


 Jude In The Fountain!

Good thing is our grandsons have gotten older as this ball project has rolled along.  They will be great toy testers for years to come! 

Papa and the Boys. . .

We had time for sand castles, swimming and the 100-year-old carousel!



 And the Bandit Ball Girl. . . who has become the Bandit Ball Mom. . .

 Is working on a new little Bandit Baby of her own!


All in all it was a great couple of days.  A Family Beach Vaycay always is!


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Katie Hodge

Looks like a fun weekend and you took some great pics!

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