Post #14: Come On Spring!

Updates:   It's Valentines Day... and a warm one in Peoria!   We got through the Polar Vortex and more snow is on the way. However if the Groundhog was right, spring is coming soon.  So... let's think about the great outdoors and actually playing catch.  Because it's going to happen!

The first order for Bandit Balls was placed recently. It's a real toy!  The thought is exciting for so many reasons.  Updates from here on out will be based on what's going to happen with the Bandit Ball, and not just about progress and setbacks.

And I must mention my main helper in all of the Bandit Ball Project, the lovely, quirky, funny and God loving Kailee Ackerman.  She's moving to Dallas, TX soon, but hopefully will still be available when needed! 


Kailee at a dance with her dad.  The Bandit Ball was still in a 30 year old sketchbook!

The Bandit Ball Girl, all grown up, with an early prototype and a common throwing scoop. 

The Bandit Ball Mom with her boys .. Spring 2018

On Silver Beach in Michigan last summer...

And again with me in August, 2018... about to have boy #3!


And here's some other stuff that has happened along the way...

Christmastime 2017 ... First manufacturing model ... Still had work to do

 November Sunrise 2018                                      First finished models

 Christmas Morning 2018       Fist Bandit Ball for our Grand Kids

 Snowy Backyard ... January 2019                         Waiting for Spring!

"Will It Play In Peoria?"      The Mantra for this Year

What to do with a toy from Peoria?!?  Lots!  Promotional possibilities, retail possibilities, organic sales on our website, and a really cool outreach for the "First Ever Ball!" 

The Sisters of St. Francis of the Immaculate Conception, in West Peoria, will be offering one of the three red balls above at their dinner auction on February 23rd.  This will be the First Bandit Ball available to the public!


There's already a generous bid, and we hope it will go higher! A pretty good start for our outreach... to benefit a group of lovely, humble and caring ladies!

Kevin Evans, Director of the Illinois S.B.D.C. at Bradley

The Illinois Small Business Development Center in Peoria at Bradley University continues to be a big help in all of this.  Director Kevin Evans is exploring several possibilities for the Bandit Ball!  And he will meet with you (free of charge) to discuss your product or business idea!

Our     This is a direct to consumer product and you'll be able to order your Bandit Balls right here.  We plan to launch for sales in early March.   When you see our video on social media, we will be live!  

Specialty Retail:  The "Play In Peoria" theme will be so much fun for this new toy!  We are planning to start slowly and get accounts at only a few locations at first. Retail sales will most likely begin in early April, and with that said that I am happy to announce that the first Peoria establishment to carry the Bandit Ball will be Kay's Hallmark Gold Crown store at the Peoria Metro Centre!

1 Million Cups ... March 6, 2019

Mark your calendars!  I will be giving my 2nd 1 Million Cups presentation on the Bandit Ball Project.   Wednesday March 6th... Jump Simulation Center by OSF... 3rd floor... 8 a.m.   If all goes right, we will have just launched!   This is a really neat community event, held the first Wednesday of each month.  It's about ideas, creativity and all the ingredients that make these into new business start ups.  I invite you to attend!

 The Sky's the Limit!

As we appreciate where we've been and plan for what's to come, there seems no end to the possibilities for this happy little toy.  What has become clear is that community makes things like this possible. Answers are found both in the places you'd expect and many that you don't.  Help is just around the corner, in the nooks and crannies of people's wealth of experience. It's been said before but if we Band Together to get things done, so many things are possible!

                               BANDIT BALL . . . CATCH THE SPIRIT!

                  THANK YOU, KAILEE ACKERMAN . . . YOU GO GIRL!!!

















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