Post #17: A Happy New Year!

January Update:  

The Holidays are behind us and there was much to be thankful for!  Family, friends and so many blessing from above.  We are getting back up and running after a busy Christmas Season.  Many sales and a surprising number of testimonials for our little ball of fun.  People are enthused about this happy little toy... and what could be more important for a grass roots start up than bringing joy?

Breakthroughs in 2019:

Sending a thank you to all who are reading this and have been a big or small part of The Bandit Ball Project.  Without you and your interest and wanting newness and physical play, we wouldn't be here.  But we are! 

And here are a few of our pivotal moments in 2019 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

First order to Midwest Molding Solutions in January... Donation of the  first ever production ball to the Sister's of St. Francis Charity Auction in January... 1 Million Cups Presentation in March... First retail location, Kay's Hallmark, in April...US Patent No.10,300,346 issued in May... Website launch for sales in May...Fun on the Greg and Dan Show in May...Second retail location at the Peoria PlayHouse in June...... US Trademark registered in June... Safety rating for ages one and up from Intertek in June... First volume Bandit Ball donation to the Beau Grant Foundation's S.O.S. Kids Camp in July... Participation in Peoria PlayHouse's "Be Anything Career Day" in August... First donation of funds to the St. Jude Midwest Affiliate in August... Donation of Bandit Balls to Northwoods Community Church for Operation Christmas Child in August and September... Hitting website sales volumes in October... First order of Red Bandit Balls after community input in October... Donation of funds to the Beau Grant Foundation in November... Launch of the light up Bandit Ball "Power Core" in November... Christmas Vendor Shows at the Peoria Civic Center and Embassy Suites in November and December...Inclusion at the Peoria Made Retail Location in December... Sales goals and testimonials in December.







 All blessings to be sure!   However, we did not hit all of our goals in 2019.  A startup is an ongoing effort and struggle. To get agreements, to get fulfillment's of promises made and even to get noticed.  We are working on it and we know in faith that there will be even more breakthroughs, and joy... from the Bandit Ball in 2020!

Here's a three minute video we call "Bandit Ball People".  It's a tribute and a thank you to all involved in the startup so far!  Lots of smiles and none of them were paid!  Enjoy!

 And so we'll keep working, creating and inventing.  It is much fun to still have the spark and a small bit of wisdom which comes with age.   Look for at least one fun, new product from us in 2020!  And you might ask... why is a grandpa nearing retirement so full and busy marketing toys and games?   As Thaddeus Pinkerton once asked... Why not :)?













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