Post #6: "The Flying Shark"

Project Update:  Thanks to all who filled out the Bradley Student's surveys. Your input will help guide this project forward!  We hope to have the first production Bandit Ball in hand by the end of the month.  It has to be perfect, so the process might take some back and forth from there.  For now, and just for grins... here's an original concept I have always loved!   

"The Flying Shark":  Since the Frisbee's of my youth, I have always been a flying disc fanatic. Here is another original throwing toy concept, perhaps inspired by "Shark Tank", and definitely made before the "Sharknado" films became hits.

I did present this to a large toy company a few years back.  Their feedback was something like "clever, but not for us at this time."  They use that line a lot!  As I've said, licensing is not an easy game.

 This "Two Minute Florida Film" involved our whole clan at the time in May, 2012.  It will give you an idea of what a basement inventor's family must go through in order to bring ideas to life! 


 I eventually added more creatures to the "SpinLander" concept line... and a floating target as well.  The big manufacturers still didn't "bite"!

                 SpinLander Cast:     Clown Fish, Shark, Orca, Star Fish and Sea Anemone

                                                                       Floating Target Prototype

I've been told at times that my product ideas would sell.  That's why we are bringing the Bandit Ball directly to you.  With your support, maybe more of these things will make it to the marketplace!

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