Post# 15: The Golden Age of Outdoor Fun!

Update:  We have given a couple of dates for the "Launch".  Most recently April 1st, 2019.  I thought, if it didn't happen, we could just say April Fool's and this whole thing might disappear.    But ... the world needs a great new ball!

Never have we needed a reason to play so much!  To actually get outside and run and play.  That rite of nature is almost lost with streaming and phone screens and all the rest.

To fill this need and get back to core values, we have very good news. The Bandit Ball has arrived!  Starting with a limited quantity, you can find them at Kay's Hallmark in Peoria's Metro Center on, you guessed it... April 1st!


Point of Purchase... P.O.P. Display Basket at Kay's Hallmark 4/1/2019

With each ball come two wristbands... one for banding and one for wearing.  Within the basket you can actually pick the ball up and squeeze it and get an idea of how it works.   We're excited.  We've contacted several specialty retailers and a couple of organizations. And we thank Kevin Willenborg, owner of Kay's Hallmark, for giving us our first shot!

The Golden Age

As I write this on March 28, our son, Nate, is turning 20!  No longer a teenager, he's starting the prime of life.  Loves sports, always active, and like his fellow travelers of the same age... always connected.   Friends... Instagram stories... constant updates to social sites, apps and all the rest!

With Fiji buddies at the U. of I.

But here's the point... how do we get a balance for this younger generation? And even much younger than Nate?  Phones... haha... they are not going away!  But get some exercise people! 

The Super Ball, Nerf Ball, Sky Ball, Wiffle Ball, Koosh Ball, Stress Ball, Baseball, Football, Soft Ball, Soccer Ball, Tennis Ball, Racquetball, Ping Pong Ball, Golf Ball and you can probably name more!  What do all these have in common?

They are BALLS... and with them you have FUN!

So here comes the BANDIT BALL ... a new reason to play!  Its attributes?  A tactile and squishably fun 3-in-1 ball.  Very lightweight. Ages 2 to infinity.  Indoor/Outdoor toy. Put things inside. Great for pool or beach.  And an outreach ... banding together for good!  

Bandit Ball Kids... Grandview Drive photo shoot... March 11, 2019

The key is to start young. These kids get time with their Mom's phone every day... because there's just fun stuff to do!.  However, they are also active outdoors everyday.  It's about finding a balance.

So our challenge... is to get our kids outdoors... for some sunshine, some human interaction and some good old coordination activities.  With a parent ... with school mates... with friends.  Why shouldn't all kids be Bandit Ball Kids?

Let's get outside. Let's go to the park! Let's have fun with one another!  LET'S PLAY CATCH!

AND LET'S DO THIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In my last blog post I mentioned marketing, marketing, marketing.  All true!  How else we gonna get these kids a Bandit Ball?!?

Scenes from our upcoming promotional video ... with kids ages 2 to 18.

Speaking of marketing, here is a fun compilation of stills from our Grandview Drive photo shoot on March 11.  Had much fun with the kids playing while I was snapping tons of photos!

 You can see we work hard and have fun.  And we got the perfect pic!

 So in closing, watch for website updates. It's currently being tweaked and will be ready for orders soon.   If you can't wait, head to the Metro Center in Peoria, beginning April 1st!   And thanks for your continued interest.  The Golden Age of Outdoor Fun is Now!   It's Spring Time ... Get Out and Play!










Judy Skaggs

I’m the toy buyer at Unity Point Methodist Hospital and am interested in your Bandit Ball . Are you considering selling these in more stores than Hallmark? I think they would sell well in our Gift Shop. You can reach me at my e-mail address! Thank you for your time! Judy

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